Why Choose Us ?

Equinox Fund Management have developed an investment strategy based on three pillars: a concentrated portfolio, an active ownership approach and a long-term perspective. Each pillar contributes to improving our risk management and maximizing our performance.

  • We have a bottom-up approach and tend to implement one to two investment ideas per year.
  • We generate them thanks to our research into emerging markets, our engineering background and our understanding of what is happening in Europe and the United States.
  • Before we invest in a company, we conduct the most thorough research possible. Our successes and especially our mistakes have allowed us to constantly improve it.
  • This in-depth analysis is complemented by field research carried out by our team based in emerging countries.
  • Active ownership is the second tool we use to reduce risk and improve our investment returns. This involves engaging with and advising the companies in which we invest.
  • In practical terms, it includes promoting independent non-executive directors, dividend policy, improving transparency, disclosure and protecting the rights of minority shareholders.
  • Over the years, we have also frequently interacted with governments, stock exchanges, regulators, standards bodies, industry initiatives and other market players.


  • Having a long-term investment approach is the logical continuation of our first investments: being concentrated and active. We cannot predict a company’s stock price in the short term.
  • However, over the long term, we can reasonably anticipate the appreciation of its performance if we remain disciplined.
  • This requires patience. We have been investing in emerging countries for over 25 years, giving us a very long track record in this market.
Risk Management & Performance
  • We do not define risk by short term volatility but by the probability of losing money in the long term. We believe that there is a profound difference between a volatile stock and a volatile business.
  • We are regularly checking our selected companies against a set of investment criteria, such as ownership, leadership and business strategy.
  • Holding cash or safer assets in times of adverse markets is part of the strategy.
  • We are committed to achieving superior absolute returns while monitoring the risk inherent to the region.

Charles Henri Hirsch,
Founder & Chief Investment Adviser