About us
What Makes Equinox Unique

Equinox Fund Management asset management company committed to deliver exceptional risk/return ratios to its investors. We have been investing in emerging market equities since 1996.


Expertise developed over 25 years

  • Investing in emerging markets since 1996, we have lived through macroeconomic events such as a sovereign debt default, the 2008 commodities crisis, and major geopolitical events.
  • The experience we’ve acquired over the years, our successes and our mistakes, have enabled us to sharpen our expertise.
  • Our local presence has enabled us to build strong relationships with business and political decision-makers.


Simple strategy

  • Covering a poorly understood and unloved region allows us to find opportunities with an exceptional risk/return ratio.
  • Our investment decisions are underpinned by rigorous investment processes based on fundamental research and strict risk management.
  • We do not engage in trading, short selling, market timing, indexing, hedging or any other complex moves.
  • We believe that the more you hold on to something, the more you develop focus and tenacity. Two characteristics that are the most critical factors for success.


Performance and “skin in the game”

  • Equinox delivered investors an annualized return of around 20% between 2000 and 2024.
  • Over the past ten years, the fund has outperformed its benchmark by almost 115%.
  • The Investment Advisor holds a significant stake in the fund and his interests are aligned with his stakeholders.