Achieving superior absolute returns

We do not define risk by short term volatility but by the probability of losing money in the long term. We believe that there is a profound difference between a volatile stock and a volatile business. There might be fluctuations in the share price of a company, but if the underlying business is strong and secure, there is reason to stay invested. We are regularly checking our selected companies against a set of investment criteria, such as ownership, leadership and business strategy. Holding cash or safer assets in times of adverse markets is part of the strategy. We are committed to achieving superior absolute returns while monitoring the risk inherent to the region. Equinox has delivered 23% annualized returns to investors from 2000 to 2022, and is set to continue driving performance going forward.

Charles Henri Hirsch,
Founder & Chief Investment Adviser

Why Choose Us ?

Equinox Fund Management is a specialist asset management firm, focused on selecting investments with outstanding return to risk ratios. We invest in the securities markets of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) since 1996. Our investment approach is based on three strong pillars: a concentrated portfolioactive ownership and a long-term perspective.

Having a concentrated portfolio of carefully selected securities allows us to closely scrutinise their issuers and accompany them throughout their development.

The Equinox investment process begins with a fundamental analysis of the evolving rules of the game, the rigorous screening of companies and extensive field research by our Moscow-based team. Our engagement ranges from regular communication with the company to board participation and advice to management.

Our philosophy, put simply, is that we invest for the long term as if we were co-owners. In our view, this is the only way to maximize value creation while controlling risks.

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